Jeannine Allen in her Plymouth studioMy artwork exists to give pleasure to myself and everyone who sees it. I have recently begun to fall in love with the colours and light of Italy and the primitive scenery of Australia.

My work may begin as photographs or sketches, and I make exploratory journeys through each picture, creating new realities and watching the evolution of images. For me, art is not what you see, but what you make others see, and I have been fascinated by the enormous number of responses which the occasional ambiguity of my work has elicited.

I often focus my attention on working boats, with their multi-coloured reflections and battered paintwork, and on harbours, with their sense of safety and permanence.


Jeannine AllenI was born in Paris and attended Art College in Montmartre. Growing up in the centre of the city, near the Louvre and the Latin Quarter, I was influenced by fine art, achitecture and sculpture from an early age. I subsequently worked in the Palace of Versailles with the architect of the Bâtiments de France.

I have always loved colourful places, and I was inspired by the light and brilliance of Provence and Morocco, where I lived for some time.

After coming to England, and a long period raising my family, I have started painting again, setting out on a new voyage of self-discovery. I am a member of Drawn To The Valley, and I have been continually inspired by the wild beauty of the coastlines and moorland landscapes near my home in Plymouth.